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June5th-Venezuela-Against Capitalism, and the defense and deepening of the revolution

complete and extend the revolution
Against Capitalism, and the defense and deepening of the revolution
Popular Revolutionary Alliance calls for march this June 5th

*Against Capitalism, and the defense and deepening of the revolution*

*The resteaos and resteadas with Chavez, June 5 we will mobilize*

We will move peasant, peasants, settlers, residents, community media,
women's, youth, students, workers, workers, gays, lesbians, trans, people
everyone, people without mincing words, people "resteao" we know that the
only possible is diverse and popular revolution.

*We share the cry of protest movements in Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia,
Chile, Honduras and even in the north with the movement Occupy and
Outragedin Europe
*, all these expressions of struggle with a variety of methods (strikes,
marches, takeovers symbolic camps) with which we sympathize because we feel
it is a single fight, a single overall anti-systemic resistance, since the
80 and 90 went out and has not returned. That day will be many and many
marching simultaneously worldwide, raising his voice against Countries
Summit in Rio +20.

We call on all and all who feel reflected in our slogan, to individuals,
to groups, organizations, movements.

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*1.* *Against capitalism, in its new phase: green capitalism*

. Our struggle is against the global capitalist system whose model of
civilization (imperial, colonizing, patriarchal, and developmental) in a
crisis involving multiple: economic collapse, environmental crisis,
inequality [increasingly deep] in our society and a world of constant war
with threats of nuclear conflict. This crisis like never before imminent
threatening the continuity of the human species and all life on the planet.

This crisis is based on the mode of capitalist accumulation, based on the
dispossession of the vast majority of the population against the endless
accumulation of capital in the hands of transnational corporations and
nation states that direct global empire and purporting to put in the Rio
Summit +20 "consensus" for a new stage of capitalism.

From the Venezuelan people's movement launched a vigorous cry against the
new imperial policy, which mortgaged to oxygenate their crisis not only our
lives but the entire planet. . The green agenda is not only deepen the
commodification of nature, making the natural cycles of reproduction of
life (rain, birds and pollinating insects, oxygen and carbon in
ecosystems), "goods and services "with speculative value in the market. Also
establish fees for: deforesting forests, plundering the seas, biodiversity
in general and the burning of greenhouse gases, making them "bonuses".
.All these procedures aberrant and are experimental in our
We alert on the new onslaught of neoliberal way that sneaks crouching,
less noisy than the past century (coups, right-wing governments and
paquetazos structural adjustment), this time with a summit hosted States
from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil . In the framework of this model is fundamental
solidarity between peoples to unravel the international division of labor
that our countries we have assigned the role of primary exporting economies
that exploit the land for oil and minerals to ensure that fuel global mode
of production and consumption for capital accumulation.

*The Bolivarian process and the threats*

1. Venezuela in the last twelve years has been shaping up as an icon of
anti-imperialist resistance through several ways: , 2. a speech critical to
the economic, military and international power centers worldwide,
especially Yankee Imperialism, 3. developing a policy to rescue the
national sovereignty that breaks the transnational mentoring on the oil
industry and the national economy, 4. recovering income and developing
social policies of redistribution policy repositioning as a regulator of
above-market society, 5. fulfilling a role as a driver for a new
integration scheme on the continent, aimed at multipolarity . finally each
of these steps has also meant the gradual shift of political and economic
classes in power, they had full control of the state, media production,
media empires and the circuits of capital accumulation.. This
reconfiguration of the country and the region, beginning of the century
reveals the nature of the threats that surround us constantly. Nuestra
posición es de abierta confrontación contra la derecha nacional y
trasnacional y sus componendas contra la revolución. Our position is open
confrontation right against national and transnational and compromises
against the revolution.

*2.* *Defense and deepening of the Bolivarian Revolution*

Considering the whole picture we declare ourselves convinced and convinced
that the only way to defend the revolution, progress in policy and
programmatic unity of the popular sectors with a comprehensive plan of
movement that involves:

*I.* *In the tactical, grassroots campaign plan,* which is neither a
campaign or compete more with others, it is strengthen the organization and
unity of the people, raise the levels of awareness of the common people and
come together, adding to the discontent. Todo esto a través de: All this by:

** The mobilization:* heating the street with our strength, our people and
the sharpness of our approach, defending the lateness while pushing for

**La comunicación y propaganda:* desplegando nuestras consignas, las ideas
populares revolucionarias que son diversas y potentes, en paredes, calles y
por todos nuestros medios. ** Communication and Propaganda:* deploying our
slogans, popular revolutionary ideas that are diverse and powerful, on
walls, streets and all our means.

. ** The ongoing debate:* enabling and enhancing the space to share our
ideas, without hiding the contradictions undress and assume to confront

** Training:* workshops and seminars to strengthen our membership
packages, which is the Chavista grassroots, and that we should qualify us
with principles of popular education.

** The popular intelligence:* enabling popular information networks,
organizing teams immediate response to threats desestabilazadoras,
articulating social forces.

. ** The comprehensive and popular defense:* coordination of all popular
defense structures (formal and informal) to respond to possible scenarios
of violence, sabotage, blockade of roads, shortages promoted by factors
related to the reactionary plans.

*II.* *Strategically the popular program,* the joint program of all our
struggles is the tool that we build to deepen the revolution, this is our
primary contribution to the construction of the National Development Plan
(2013-2019 PNSB) and fight for positioning, assuming our contradictions,
our great evils attacking and focusing on prospects that everyone agreed:

** The deepening and radicalization of democracy* that involves the direct
participation of the organized people, creating spaces of collective
leadership for the revolution.

. ** The construction of popular power and community* in all geographical
areas and sectors. In control logics, practices and capitalist relations,
colonial, imperialist and patriarchal.

** The promotion of a new economic order* point to a post-capitalist
economy, as opposed to exploitation, to the supremacy of private property,
denial of work in its various forms, reproduction and infinite accumulation
of capital above human interests and nature.

** The construction of a new production model,* which overcomes the
dependence on oil extraction income, exceeding the social relations of
production of capitalism: means of production into the hands of people
organized for self-management, workers' control, and different forms of
ownership social.

** The battle against corruption, bureaucracy and criminalization of
popular struggle,* that they are part of the legacy of the bourgeois state,
and are a continental enemy.

** The promotion and development of a revolutionary policy of security and
defense,* focusing on the incorporation of organized people in safeguarding

*,* This program is materialized in the synthesis of our control programs
in our lines policies (urban and rural) in terms of: *Housing,* * *
Popular , Lucha Campesina , Feminista y Sexo-Género-Diversa,* *Popular
Communication, Peasant Struggle, Feminist and Gender-Gender-Diverse,* * * *
Lucha* *Fight* * * *Laboral Urbana , Educativa y por la construcción
Comunal.* *Urban Labor, Education and Community building.*

" "Unity of all our struggles, Popular Power, Defence and Deepening of the

*Popular Revolutionary Alliance*

*For now we are: la Corriente Revolucionaria Bolívar y Zamora [CRBZ], la
Asociación Nacional de Medios Comunitarios Libres y Alternativos [ANMCLA],
el Movimiento de Pobladoras y Pobladores, Alianza Sexo Genero Diversa
Revolucionaria [ASGDRE], SURCO, Marea Socialista y FALDAS en Revolución,
Coordinadora Simon Bolívar de Guarenas-Guatire, Insurgencia Comunista)* *