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No Oak Grove Walmart!!!

Portland Public Access program, "A Growing Concern," this evening will feature a discussion with citizens who are opposing a Walmart grocery store at the previous location of GI Joe's on McLoughlin Blvd.
List of 15 more stores currently planned for the greater Portland area.

NOGWAL: No Oak Grove Walmart
Live from 7 - 8:00 on Comcast channel 11; or search on UStream.tv/a-growing-concern-pdx.

Excerpted from their web site:

NOGWAL: A community-wide effort to build a better Oak Grove.

"What works is simple: we make our voices heard, loud and clear. Speak the truth. Expose spin and half-truths. The more people know about the effects of a Walmart store in our community, the less they will want to support it. Bottom line: we have to vote with our pocketbooks. And they must know that we mean it. "

About NOGWal

We are your neighbors who say, No Walmart! Not here. Not now.

We love Oak Grove and the vision of the MAP* plan that our community has developed over the last three years.

That vision is:

In the future, our community fabric of thriving neighborhoods, shops, restaurants and services is:
green and sustainable
healthy and safe
woven together by walkable tree-lined streets, trails, natural areas, and open spaces

And strengthened by:
our diversified local economy
great educational opportunities
and engaged citizens.
Our concern stems from what we have learned about the effects Walmart makes on local communities, their labor practices, their gender discrimination, ruthless business practices, their environmental policies - and their disregard for the plans our community developed over the last three years.

homepage: homepage: http://www.nogwal.org/

Video: No Walmart in Oak Grove "A Growing Concern" 05.Jun.2012 07:08


The video from "A Growing Concern" discussion on the Oak Grove Walmart proposal is available here:  http://youtu.be/OZkTREeMk0M
(video 58 min)

A great show - lots of current info on this issue!