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Very Good Zoology Courses For A Non-Thesis Masters Degree In Biology

I think that to many non-thesis masters degrees in biology have too many cell biology, microbiology, genetics, immunology, and seminars and to few zoology courses so here are some suggestions.
I like a lot of biology majors with undergraduate degrees want to get a non-thesis masters degree in biology. I checked quite a few universities in the United States. Here are some zoology courses which I want to have in a program for a non-thesis masters degree in biology.
University of Nebraska at Lincoln- Cedar Point Biological Station- Bios 454/854 Ecological Interactions, Bios 468/868 Field Animal Behavior, Bios 481 Helminthology, Bios 487/887 Field Parasitology, Bios 488/888 Natural History of Invertebrates. East Stroudsburg University- Biol 515 Helminthology, Biol 547 Biology of the Plankton, Biol 527 Natural History of Western Fauna, Biol 543 Stream Ecology, Biom 503 Comparative Physiology of Marine Organisms, Biom 563 Marine Biology Cruise, Biom 572 Coral Reef Ecology, Biom 575 Behavior of Marine Organisms, Biom 579 Ecology of Marine Plankton, Biom 583 Wetland Ecology, Biom 587 Tropical Invertebrates, Biom 589 Physiology of Marine Invertebrates, Biom 594 Biology of Molluscs. University of Oklahoma Biological Station- Zoo 4970/5970 Sec 050 Bird Ecology, Zoo 4970/5970 Sec 052 Field Herpetology, Zoo 4970/5970 Sec051 Insect Plant Interactions. California State University at Hayward- Biol 6160 Community Ecosystem Ecology, Biol 6500 Quantitative Methods in Physiology, Biol 6504 Comparative Physiology, Biol 6506 Animal Physiology Laboratory, Biol 6513 Animal Senses, Biol 6515 Neurobiology, Biol 6516 Environmental Animal Physiology, Biol 6530 Ecological Methods. Courses at California State University Hayward offered at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories- 4103 Marine Ecology, 4112 Marine Birds and Mammals, 4113 Marine Ichthyology, 4124 Marine Invertebrate Zoology, 4125 Intertidal Invertebrates of California, 6211 Ecology of Marine Birds and Mammals, 6272 Subtidal Ecology. Courses offered at Gulf Coast Research Laboratory Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Some of these courses are no longer offered. 430 Fauna and Faunistic Ecology of Tidal Marshes, 452 Parasites of Marine Animals, 465 Behavior and Neurobiology of Marine Animals, 487 Commparative Histology of Marine Organisms.

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Phil Roberts

There is another story about Non-Thesis Masters degrees in biology- zoology courses at Hudson Mohawk Indymedia. You will find it published in May or June 2012 at their Indymedia site. I'm sorry I can't remember the exact date.