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Open Letter To Portland City Council

We need help
I like this picture
I like this picture
Thanks sammy:

During our testimony concerning the rate hikes one of the things that concerned me was that apartment dwellers were not paying attention because they did not pay water rates. I argued with *mayor sam adams that the owners of apartments would be hard hit and raise the rents of people who were on fixed income and that would hurt. sammy had this smirk on his face like I did not know what I was talking about, that condescending look of his that may be the main reason we are running him out of office. Well, we have just been notified that our rent will be increased by $30.00 per month.

When I was asking for a moratorium on any rate increase, this was my biggest concern, the people who live here and must absorb water rates that have gone up over 60% in the last few years. People will leave Portland because of the high water rates. sam, of course, was dismissive of everyone's pleas not to raise the rates. This is only the beginning of the rise in cost if they continue on their path to cover the reservoirs. We are plagued by two people who have given up or are being run out of office while saltzman and the fish just say yes to anything sammy wants to do. Commissioner Fritz at least is hearing our cries for help and votes no from time to time. She is winning me over from her vote for the JTTF. I request that sammy resign immediately. I also would call for the resignation of Commissioner Leonard except I like him as a human being, he is just wrong and should resign from the water department at the very least. We need fighters in our leadership of the council and now we have wimps, people who cannot see what is in front of them. We should hold saltzman and the fish accountable the next time they are up for re-election. The thing that keeps me from calling for Amanda to step down is I like her as a person, and do not in any way trust bloody mary.

So, thanks sammy for your representation of the business alliance, and your screwing of us little guys who are struggling for survival. I will continue to wear my shirt that says, "RESIGN SAM and on the back, "TODAY." I will, (as much as my health allows) continue to fight this council, as a group, because they just suck at leadership.

* refuse to cap due to disrespect and/or disgust.

homepage: homepage: http://individualsforjustice.com

water rates going up, up, and up 01.Jun.2012 13:42

Lone Vet

What about you Mr. mayor sam adams? Will you price our water out of our reach?

Canada, Last Holdout, Drops Opposition to Water as Human Right http://www.commondreams.org/headline/2012/06/01-2

Few Protections for Tenants in Portland 05.Jun.2012 11:10

Live Here But the City Doesn't Think I Matter Because I Rent

The same thing happened to the residents of our old NW apartments last year. Some of us had leases but that didn't protect us from the institution of a "water fee." In Portland and in Oregon there's nothing to stop landlords from imposing fees of any size and frequency or from raising the rent every day if they choose (except in certain cases of Section 8 housing tenants living in apartments in partnership with the City). They do not even have to justify or prove that they are necessary. Eviction is easy, if tenants are driven out by the increasing fees and rents . . . only 30 days notice is required, no reason necessary. A couple of years ago when condo conversions were hot, an exception was made for tenants being ousted due to condo conversion (more time and assistance to move) but since few property owners are converting rentals to condos or doing complete teardowns to replace an apartment building with condos, this feeble protection does not apply. I have grown to hate the term "market rate." The idea that anybody in Portland is paying only 30% of their income for housing is ludicrous.