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New head of all Oregon schools has history of corruption and repressing sex education

Mr. Rudy Crew was a force behind abstinence only education, and a ban on condoms. He will soon be the head of all schools in Oregon. Is this the hope we can believe in?
Mr. Rudy Crew will soon be head of all Oregon Schools.

Call in to stop his job appointment on Thursday at 9AM at Parkrose High School.

Call the Oregon Ed. Board. (503) 378-3111

Demand a new hiring committee without members from corporations and consist only of students, parents, teachers and other staff who work in schools.

Mr. Crew was a force behind abstinence only education, and a ban on condoms. The hiring committee that selected Mr. Crew includes experts from Nike Inc. Go figure....

Mr Crew has been quickly hired under stealth methods and later given big payouts to leave under public scrutiny. It seems he's often used as a pawn to de-stabilize at risk schools. We should beware of anyone who writes a book that he has the silver bullet to save our failing schools. That's his book cover in the picture.


"in 1996, the New York City Board of Education took a step backward. A conservative majority, with support from the then newly appointed School Chancellor Rudy Crew, adopted a high school curriculum that requires health education teachers to continually stress that teenagers should not engage in sexual intercourse. The board also prohibited classroom demonstrations of condom use as a protection against HIV/AIDS infection and unwanted pregnancies."


"Nike executive Julia Brim-Edwards, who led the team that screened all 50 applicants for the Oregon job, said the screening committee felt Crew best met the five key job criteria"

 link to www.oregonlive.com

The meeting where Mr. Crew will be appointed by the Oregon Gov & Board, Thursday May 31st at 9:15am

Call the Teacher Union to ask them to fight the appointment
Oregon Education Ed Associaion 503-684-3300

2004 Indymedia reports the same insider and stealth hiring of Mr. Crew

"The school board engaged none of them, however. Instead, in the kind of
insider deal that Missouri Auditor Claire McCaskill criticized in a
performance audit of the school district, the board hired former Laclede Gas
Vice President John Moten to conduct a search. Moten lacked the knowledge or
relationships for conducting a rea search. He just ran advertisements in a
couple of newspapers and handed the 11 resumes he collected over to the
school board's superintendent search committee.

Rumors had circulated for months that the school board was going to offer
the superintendent's job to Rudy Crew before the board itself was forced to
make an announcement.

On March 31, 2004, St. Louis Public Schools spokesman Glynn Young announced
that Crew was the only person the school board was seriously courting for
the job. The announcement came after the news media tracked the board to the
21st floor of the University Club Tower in Richmond Heights, Missouri, where
it was meeting with Crew in a room reserved under the name of St. Louis 4
Kids, the employer of School Board Vice President Ron Jackson. Caught in the
act, the school board had to make an announcement. Jackson said Crew was the
only candidate the board was interviewing."


The Irony continues 01.Jun.2012 12:59

sex ed

Someone else to enforce the irony my BEST sex ed class was in freshman year at a CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL back east(it was a lay teacher and they did draw the line at abortion). The most mediocre was in Oregon at an other wise very good high school in SENIOR YEAR.

There's a problem with this picture.