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Cascadian Resilience Network- Mission Statement

provisional mission statement of the Cascadian Resilience Network
The Cascadian Resilience Network is intended to build bioregional solidarity among the common people of the Pacific Northwest. We believe tumultuous times are here as a result of the financial crisis, ecological overshoot, the nascent police state, and climate change. We believe the best way for us to live joyful, fulfilling lives is to band together with those we love and share values with, through whatever lies ahead.

Our values are:

Mutual Aid- Our greatest resource is each other. We must learn to share what we have in order to alleviate scarcity. We speak not only of material resources, but also of knowledge, skills, and laughter. We share not only to protect our survival, but also to build a more just world. We are the community we have been looking for.
Decentralization- We organize and make decisions in an equitable and collective manner, either through consensus or direct democracy.
Inclusiveness- We intend to do the hard work necessary to make our communities welcoming to all people, including, but not limited to people of differing races, genders, and sexual orientations.
Bioregionalism- We mean to reshape our key institutions, economic, social, and political, to suit the needs of the earth. We believe that we must nurture a deep sense of place, and a connection to the natural world in order to achieve sustainability.
Open Source- We believe that the free flow of information must be preserved at all costs. We resist the enclosure of our digital commons.

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