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Video: Don't Privatize the Postal Service

Public Access program featuring an interview with a retired postal letter carrier, recently arrested along with nine other people protesting recent attempts to privatize the Postal Service. Program features video from the rally, march and arrests at the University Post Office in Portland Oregon on May 24, 2012.
Don't Privatize the US Postal Service
Guest interview is Jamie Partridge, retired letter carrier from Portland. Jamie speaks at length about the "crisis" at the Postal Service, setting straight the many phoney reasons given for the demise of this institution.
"The corporate media is continuing to put out the disinformation that it's the internet that is killing the Postal Service, that its competition from the private sector, it's a bloated, overpaid union workforce, when actually it's Congress itself that created the problem in 2006 by mandating that the Postal service prefund retiring health benefits 75 years in advance within 10 years so that 10% of the Postal budget" goes into this fund."
This means prefunding retiring health benefits, not only for people who as yet do not work for the Postal Service, but for some who haven't as yet been born.
"It's basically a poison pill that used to bleed the postal service......At the time it was highly profitable...without that prefunding requirement, the Postal Service would be in the black."

Jamie continues, discussing the importance of the Postal Service to the community and develops many creative ideas whereby the USPS service could be expanded to provide important community services.

About 10 minutes into the program a video clip is played of the speakers at the rally, moderated by Lateya Dailey of Occupy St. Johns. Speakers include Jessica of the Rural Organizing Project; Patty of the American Postal Workers Union; and Marco Mejia of Portland Jobs with Justice. Video is about 13 minutes in length.
Back in the studio, and after more discussion, another clip is played. This 8 minute clip is of the march and occupation of the University Post Office. At closing time, ten people refused to leave until the local postmaster contacted the Postmaster General, Patrick R. Donahoe, in Washington D.C. to demand that the proposed closures be rescinded. This did not happen and they eventually were arrested and hauled off to jail.
According to rally speakers, the Postmaster General is one of the main architects of the severe cuts being planned for the Postal Service. This crisis was orchestrated by the American Legislative Exchange Council, which has long been pushing for privatization of the USPS, using the services of various right wing Think Tanks towards this agenda.

Jamie gives a clear and concise picture of what is going on and what the Postal Service could be in the future. But only if people get educated and support the efforts of those who are standing up against this privatizing scheme.

A local union is providing a speakers bureau for anyone interested in bringing this information before their organization.

503-493-5903 Excellent background article on the effort to Privatize the Postal Service.

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The King and Queen Want to Read Your Mail. Again.... 30.May.2012 14:53

worker bee

It is a sad day for the American people to lose the public part of the Post Office. Truly indicative of the bigger push to privatize everything on this planet, so there are NO MORE public jobs, public schools, public utilities, public commons,public service, public airwaves, public transportation, and public assembly--the public is pretty well FUCKED. Because of this "privatization" of the Country has created a festering ground for Corporatism which places profits above all life on this planet. Corporatism fosters prisons not freedoms nor does it care about healthy communities. The US postal service is very profitable and that is why they want to steal it. The public better wise up because they are being bent over... We can Not lose our National treasure the "US Postal service." Since before America had its constitution our public postal carriers have been delivering the mail.And doing a damn good job at it too--and keeping rates down-- Daryl ISSA and his scum kind KNOW nothing or care nothing about public service--just profit-- if we lose our public jobs-- Corporatism better remove the "US" off the front of the "postal service" because it no longer encompasses the free people of America but dominates us and forces all US citizen's to beg, and submit. This Corporatism destroys communities, and only reenforces the power and raises the profits for a few-- the ruling class gets to read your mail.

follow-up 31.May.2012 16:22

cop intimidation

a few bike cops roughed up my partner and i
we are not happy and need lawyer advice. the post off. rally was mostly peaceful except for this attack. not sure if we are under attack or based on group