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Someone come liberate this Opossum....Please.

Save a Life...
I just trapped one ornery Opossum with a cage trap in my crawlspace..Letting them go somewhere else is a slow death and I really would prefer not having to kill it..Yet it was tearing the heck out of my insulation,soft ducts and my wiring could be next.I need a home to..Someone got a better Idea?

Do not harm the opossum 29.May.2012 11:33

Treat them with respect

Jason, wait until the opossum is outside (they have to eat), board up ALL outdoor entrances where the opossum could have gotten into the crawl space - making sure there are no babies or other opossums left inside. If this is not done then you will have problems with other outside critters as well, including feral cats.
Do not ask others to take on your problem, do it yourself properly and the issue will be solved. Do NOT contact Critter Gitter, any pest control agency or animal shelters as their method of disposal is anything but humane.

let the possum go outside where you are, and seal up your house! 30.May.2012 02:08


No need to kill or relocate. A relocation can be deadly for these animals.

update 30.May.2012 08:00


Egads it's like an over the hedge convention in my crawlspace..Opossum released outside with a strict warning not come back..Critters have pulled dryer duct loose from the inside..One Mother Raccoon killed after aggressive behavior when I was crawling around down their..One feisty Orphan Raccoon captured and another on the lam..Hope to lure the second one by using his sibling as bait..Then I will take them down to a rehab place in Salem.

agree with most advice 01.Jun.2012 12:46


except for this bs "Do not ask others to take on your problem, do it yourself properly and the issue will be solved."

asking for help was perfectly reasonable. sometimes relocation is the answer; i have a friend with an adopted feral cat. no idea where you got the idea jason was thinking other people should "take on his problem" but it sounds like projection from someone uncomfortable asking for help.

the lone cowboy stoic tude sounds good on paper, but is more often responsible for making things WORSE, than better. it keeps people from doctors when they had a small problem, until they're forced to go with a big problem. for instance.

good on you jason for ASKING for help/advice when you realized you were out of your depth. we can't learn anything new until we admit we don't know it all. :)