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Video: Community Assembly to Create a Peoples Budget - Portland Oregon 5.11.12

This is all the video footage from the day long participatory economics discussion, held by occupy portland labor committie on May 11 2012 to discuss and share enconomic justice ideas.

The title of this event was " Community Assembly to Create a Peoples Budget"
This public event was filmed at the Unitarian Church in Portland Oregon.
It was a day long community assembly organized by the occupy portland labor group, on 5.5.12 to find soulutions and offer and share suggestions on creating a city budget that (honestly) serves "we the people".

Peoples Budget Assembly:
Occupy Portland:
Open to the Public:

part 1:  http://youtu.be/eovIb8dfYRU (introductions)

part 2:  http://youtu.be/ubD5_o3OYFE (common visions)

part 3:  http://youtu.be/1Vr2pjb0Apg (workgroups)

part 4:  http://youtu.be/dazfcjPOIP4 (community report-back)

part 5:  http://youtu.be/JALIU-7odog (suggetsions & solutions)

part 6:  http://youtu.be/nyUv8_kirlw (powerpoint where is the money?)

part 7:  http://youtu.be/xse2oUS9I64 (final)

out-take: - -  http://youtu.be/3ofsVOsWntk (Tubman School) -YOU BE THE MEDIA- ((( i )))

More Information contact:

homepage: homepage: http://www.joeanybody.com