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Reynolds Teacher's Strike has settled

Early this morning teachers and the school district reached a tentative agreement in the Reynolds strike, after negotiating all night. The deal was announced about 6:15 this morning. School will resume on Tuesday.
Thank you to all the teachers who showed us what united determination and courage looks like, and to all the community members who swelled the picketlines in the rain and came out to the rally. Teachers will vote on their agreement on Wednesday.

Yay? 26.May.2012 10:09


Crisis averted. And the crisis of daily life continues unchallenged. How can unions be viewed as anything other than managers of revolt? Not that this strike had much revolutionary potential to begin with, despite attempts to involve Occupiers as foot soldiers for the union.

A more positive view... 26.May.2012 11:23


I disagree with the previous commentor for two reasons. First, revolutionaries shouldn't participate in a particular strike or not based on whether it alone has "revolutionary potential." One strike does not a revolution make. We can have a critique of the limits of trade unionism and its leadership, but a blanket statement like "unions are the managers of revolt" discounts the work of the rank and file who are right now in the process of a rising level of class consciousness.

Second, the Occupy Labor Solidarity Committee was crucial in setting up Defend Our Teachers, a loose community alliance with We Are Oregon, Jobs with Justice, and others that helped to build confidence among teachers and supporters. Many occupy and labor activists participated, and that experience was, in my opinion, a valuable one for the work we are doing in the labor solidarity committee. It's just not true that Occupy is being used as "foot soldiers" in this instance, though I understand that has occurred in other situations.

We should consider the impact of forcing a right-wing school board to settle when they would have been perfectly happy to wait out the school year and force the union to pay for teacher's health care over the summer. We should consider the lasting relationships and experience gained through this fight.

The full repercussions of this organizing will be felt in the immediate future as public funding for education is slashed in an effort to break the teachers union and privatize education. The PPS teachers will be under attack next year, and the solidarity and organizing in East County as well as the recent marches of students for education will put us in a better position to fight back.

The crisis of daily life continues, but not unchallenged.

In solidarity.


Thank you 26.May.2012 15:30

Chris S

Thank you, Meredith. Dividers divide. Uniters multiply.

Further reading 27.May.2012 10:01


On the state of a prominent teacher's union in California: