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Water, The Liquid of Life.

Bull Run - leave our water alone Yesterday was a good day, the water rate hikes did not go into effect. Mayor Sam wanted the vote, Leonard wanted the vote but it was put off until next week. This is not victory, just a week's worth of delay. I fear the council will vote for this 7-81/2% (percent) increase. They will end up destroying our wonderful water system, charge us more money to drink polluted water from the Columbia and the Willamette rivers. You must know that Sam and Leonard have decided to bail out before the mass of citizens realize what they have done. The incoming members of the council should be made to answer what their position on this outrage is today. We need to know what the future holds and fight we must. Will you join us? Will you get on the phone and call our senators? Will you attend next weeks meeting and say your piece, or just wimp out in the corner. The wonderful people who have been fighting this issue need your support now.

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Citizens of Portland, OR speak up about the need for the water bureau and city council to ask for a waiver from the EPA to halt all unnecessary and costly treatment projects and to stop increasing water rates. One person testified that high utility rates are driving homeowners into foreclosure and many seniors on fixed incomes are having a hard time paying their water bills. And according to another person who testified, there are even people in Portland who cannot afford water at all, despite the fact that access to water is a human right. Watch on youtube

background information | Agenda for City Council meeting Wed May 30th | Open Letter to Portland City Council May 31, 2012

Citizens for Portland's Water

bull run
bull run
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