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Over 1 dozen arrested at Occupy Post Office last night in PDX

Over a dozen citizens / activists were taken to jail for occupying the Post office in SW Portland (University Station)on Thursday 5/24/12
Video coming soon ((( i )))

Police arrested over a dozen peaceful citizens when they refused to leave the Post Office after 6PM
They wanted to speak about the Post office cuts, with the Post Master general, and were denied.

Many were released by 10pm

Livestream was there filming

homepage: homepage: http://www.joeanybody.com

Post Office Solidarity 25.May.2012 13:45

Joe Anybody

3 pics from post office occupy action

Outstanding! 25.May.2012 14:23

Lone Vet lonevet2008@comcast.net

You all did good, thank you!
once again it fits
once again it fits
a "Real" criminal---arrest her
it will happen
it will happen

repost from FB 12.Jun.2012 06:53


On May 25 I (person posting on FB) and 11 others were arrested at the Occupy the Post office action. I and 6 others have our first court appearance June 18. The other 6 will have their first appearance June 25. There is strength in numbers. Let's pack the court room and help send the message that the cuts to the postal service are not okay!