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VIDEO: Reynolds School District Contract Agreement Partial - Strike Is On

A meeting held at the New Beginnings Christian Center yesterday to decide on a teacher contract brings only partial negotiations.

StreetNews Report:

At twelve noon yesterday, a meeting was held by the Reynolds School District at the New Beginnings Christian Center regarding a teacher contract. Around 200 showed up with signs, banners, and PA equipment to facilitate the strike and rally. Even the Teamsters Union came through with a tractor trailer in solidarity. Many prominent Portland action groups were there and organizers gave thanks for their participation. Local organizations such as Portland Jobs With Justice, Portland Rising, Local 483, SEIU Local 49, and many others.

The Reynolds district closed their meeting at 2pm and told liasons that they had agreed to monetary portions of the contract, but not other teacher agreements. The teachers stand firm that they will take nothing less than a full agreement of the contract including such things as breaks for teachers, more class prep time, less furloughs, and smaller class sizes. The teachers had the support of the community and great speeches were given as well as an archival performance of a local Reynolds teacher which gave a "beat box" rap to inspire the people. Thanks to all who attended this event in solidarity.

Video Link:
Reynolds School District Negotiations Meeting Rally

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