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Teachers on strike in East Portland

summary: Teachers have gone on strike In a high poverty district on the East edge of Portland. The school board and district have been stalling and delaying for 11 months. On the first day of the strike the district has walked away for 48 hours, prolonging the situation yet again.
The Reynolds Board and School District has walked away from negotiations at 11:30am May 21st on the first day of the strike. This puts a huge burden on many low income parents who must find child care for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

How to help:
Keep in touch with the Teacher's Union

Call (503) 661-7200 and ask the district office to go back to the table sooner.

Here is what the media leaves out when reporting on this:
The district has taken an aggressive approach by trying to delete labor rights from the last contract. Teachers have worked 11 months with no contract. The union negotiation team has made efforts to retain basic teacher rights found in most teacher contracts. The district sees giving back basic rights to teachers as "concessions" from the district. This would seem to the district that it's gift exchange: The district gives teachers back their basic rights, and the teachers should accept the district financial plan they only present very late in negotiations (see the facebook page that no plan was shared with the union in April 2012).

Here is what the district said when they walked away for 2 days: "the District bargaining team members are disappointed that the major language concessions by the district have not resulted in a financial agreement."

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This is a very high poverty and large district. Several schools are inside the boundaries of the city of Portland Oregon. Reynolds School District is about 11,000 students and the Portland Public Schools District (PPS) is 47,000.

Teachers deserve our appreciation and support 21.May.2012 20:11

A grandma

Power and strength to the teachers,students and the community who supports them!