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"Devrait pas nous facher," they yelled - "You shouldn't get us mad."

America's protest movements need to take a lesson from the Quebecois student strike.
"Devrait pas nous fâcher," they yelled — "You shouldn't get us mad."

By Lloyd Hart

The Quebecois students went on strike months ago to protest an anti Canadian 70% tuition hike and they have stayed on strike ever since. They shut down the city of Montreal almost every day. They blocked traffic every day. They forced the provincial government to negotiate and when the government would not back off on some tuition increases the student groups voted to reject the government's proposal and continued the strike. Then the government passed a completely unconstitutional emergency law declaring all protests of over 50 people illegal without police permission but this last Saturday thousands upon thousands of students and their supporters defied the law as well as the anti face mask law the city of Montreal put in place. On Saturday night the students and their supporters chanted in defiance to the government's fascist stance, "Devrait pas nous fâcher," — "You shouldn't get us mad."

Montreal tuition protesters defy law and clash with police!
Police fire tear gas and muzzle blasts, at least 300 arrested
 link to www.cbc.ca

Today there are still 150,000 students on strike sacrificing precious class and study time to ensure that Canada does not end up like America where you become a debt slave because you wanted to go to college and improve yourself.

Why do Canadians have to teach the so-called beacon of democracy, America, how to protest bad policy.

America's protest movements need to take a lesson from the Quebecois student strike.

In usa 21.May.2012 07:43

Den Mark, Vancouver WA

In the usa, most people don't get politically angry, & most who do get angry apply for permits to be angry --- permits to be angry for exactly one hour, in certain places only. And those few who get & stay angry without permit, get attacked by uniformed thugs --- alone.