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VIDEO: Bike Memorial for Karyn Rickson

A vigil for Kathryn Rickson at Terry Schrunk Plaza, at the corner where she was killed by a large truck that turned right and hit her, while she was on her bike (on) Monday 5.14.12. This is the interview that happened and a walk around the quite vigil for Kathryn on Friday afternoon
{around 5PM} on the corner where friends of her gathered as well as the press.
A memorial vigil by the transportation alliance was organized for the tragic death of Kathryn Rickson who was killed by a semi truck on this corner where the vigil was recorded on Monday evening 5/14/12.

(15 min video)

I was by chance walking by and recognized a good friend at this vigil, I start filming and asked her "what is happening"
A heard in the video from the start she informs me of the bike accident and the green bike box ....
It was shortly later, I realize it is my friend Ryan, who's girlfriend was the one this vigil is for.

This quite interview (video) was given to the few media cameras who gathered up close around Ryan and Madeline, while the community stood politely a few feet back, showing solidarity in quite serene loving-sympathetic way.

The Ghost Bike was there.

In peace & love ~joe

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video is also on YT 21.May.2012 07:41

joe anybody

15 min video (same as original posted video - mirrored copy)