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Video: Brian Willson - Speaks at Occupy Portland - May 9 2012 Blood on the Tracks

Brian spoke in the St Francis church dinning hall for Occupy Portland on May 92012
Brian Willson - Occupy Portland May 9 2012
Brian Willson - Occupy Portland May 9 2012
Brian Willson "Blood on the Tracks" (new book) Discussion with Portland Occupy on May 9th 7pm

(video 1 hour 40 minutes)

Brian Willson gives a great talk and discussion atOccupyOccup Portland gathering in SE Portland
The discussion was about a variety of topics, from "occupy movement, war, protesting, obedience, imperialism, anarchism and community"

The video covers experiences from a vast array of different actions and insights into making change from Brians opinion.
The topic of "Vertical Power Structures' is explained and encouraged by Brian, and he shares with the group why and how it correlates with the movement.

There is also a Q and A in the last half of the video with the audiance.

More Information on Brians book:

homepage: homepage: http://www.joeanybody.com