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Eclipse on Sunday

This Sunday we're going to get a partial eclipse in the Portland area which should start shortly after 5PM. Check it out even if you're not pagan because it's some cool sciency shit and doesn't happen that often.
That is all. Here's a link to NASA's page about it.  http://eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov/SEmono/ASE2012/ASE2012.html If you're in southern oregon, you can see the whole "ring of fire" thing. I wish I could go, but I can't afford the gas money. I bet it would be cool as hell to watch it on the beach. (NO DON'T STARE RIGHT AT THE SUN YOU IDIOT, I mean watch it with one of those hole in a shoebox thingies, or through welders' lenses, or with your video camera.)

Smile 19.May.2012 17:26

Den Mark, Vancouver WA

You made me smile with "cool sciency shit". I dig cool sciency shit. Thanks for the smile today.

Another thing to watch 20.May.2012 10:13


Not sure what the later afternoon sun angle will produce, but it might be noticed that the sunlight filtered through tree foliage casts multitudes of identical images of the same sort as the single image cast by sunlight passing through a pin hole in opaque material and onto the pavement.

During the passage of the crescent formed by the moon passing in front of the sun, those multitudes of identical images will change accordingly. What we normally see cast through foliage that just looks like dappled light is actually the image of the full solar disk. When that disk is replaced with a crescent it reveals that the overhead foliage functions as, in effect, multitudes of pin hole projectors.

The spectacle of thousands of dancing crescents on the shadowed pavement (or maybe on a wall in the later afternoon), under a leaf-filled tree is quite wondrous, maybe not to be seen ever again by some folks.

Anyone inside the zone of totality (N. California, maybe very S. Oregon) might catch the magical silvery light quality all around the horizon. A broad-daylight shimmering grayness that gives the sensation of being on a different planet, especially if the sky is overall clear and cloudless. Chickens tend to want to go to roost, even thought the sun is still in the sky.