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Study by OHSU

OHSU study makes you wear a bracelet if you don't want to be in their study.
Does anyone know about a study being done by OHSU which requires people who don't want to be part of it to have to wear a bracelet for 3 years?Have just been told about it but the person I heard it from didn't have much detail on what the study was about or how to get a bracelet if you didn't want to participate.Any more information about this out there?Not even sure if this is true or legal.

probably this - not a big deal 19.May.2012 22:47


The bracelets are part of this study, the "Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium"


It is basically a data-gathering study to determine which treatments and tactics work best when dealing with cardiac arrest patients. It has sites throughout the US and Canada, basically to see how different approaches to emergency heart attack treatment compare and contrast.

The bracelets are a way to pre-emptively opt out of the study.

OHSU wants us to be uninformed lab subjects 20.May.2012 16:57


The problem with OHSU and these studies is that OHSU is NOT following set guidelines in notifying the public when the studies take place so individuals have the option to opt out. In the hyper saline solution study conducted several years ago OHSU claimed they "notified" the public through neighborhood association meetings as well as the local media - I called a dozen of the NA to verify this claim and not one of them even knew what I was talking about and none had even received a communique regarding the matter. Their attempts are both limited and bogus - how can someone make an informed decision if they are not aware of what OHSU is doing behind closed doors. They do not want the public to be knowledgeable about their experiments because they don't want people to have a choice of opting out. They are after the numbers. We are no different to them than the animals they experiment on daily - our choices have been removed by failure of notification. And why should those who chose not to be part of OHSU's studies have to wear the bracelets for three years - why not
have those who wish to partake wear them. Instead of the bracelet reading "NO STUDY" it should read "STUDY SUBJECT." These various experiments are being conducted on an on going basis. How many of you reading this are even aware of them and know what they entail? Probably not many because OHSU is not alerting the public - they have removed your right to know and through ignorance we are forced to become part of their study group. This is not legal or ethical. I highly suggest those of you who are as outraged as I am over OHSU's lack of respect for our freedom of choice and our right to know to contact the department of Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium (ROC) at 503-494 8083 to voice your opinion and request a free bracelet. This study - although "limited" to Clackamas - Washington and Clark Counties can and will affect all those working or driving through the listed areas. OHSU does not run our cities and counties and it is time they are forced to abide by the rules which regulate them as an institution.

well ok, but 20.May.2012 17:44


I'm not really sure about the previous study you are mentioning, but this one isn't exactly invasive. It is just looking to gather info to be used to determine which cardiac strategies are best in ER situations.

And what rules and regulations are being broken in this case? I'm looking for specific ones, not just your sense of ethics.

OHSU does not play by the rules 21.May.2012 16:48


Rex - My information comes directly from OHSU - both verbally and in writing.
In the info packet I received from them recently - under the heading Consent Information - they state " ......For this study, investigators will not be able to get written consent from each study participant, due to them being unconscious while in cardiac arrest. Instead, the investigators will try to inform the community about the study and address any concerns or questions before the study is approved to begin. We will do this by:
This website
Community meetings
Online and mailed surveys
Newspaper and Newsletters
People will be given the choice to refuse being in the study by contacting the investigators at OHSU and asking to opt-out
For more information about the study, read the official NIH Press release."
When I spoke to an individual in the ROC department she claimed they notified those in the three counties who were to be involved in the study through neighborhood groups - newspapers - Kaiser Permanente - high risk drivers' data and the Rotary Clubs.
The only way I learned of these additional studies was through a friend who lives in one of the counties which will be effected - they had previously opted out of the trial several years ago. OHSU sent a notice informing her of the latest study and allowing her an option. I live within a mile from one the "participating" counties and I too had opted out of the other study. I was not given the same consideration of being notified - even though I am in any/all of the three counties on any given day of the week. I have medical insurance through KP - this study was never mentioned to me by MD nor did I ever see any printed material relating to it.
My complaint does not have to do with the study in itself - my frustration/concern and anger stems from the fact OHSU does not inform citizens of these studies and then makes false claims of reaching out to the public with the information.
You said yourself you were not aware of previous studies - thank you for proving my point ..... this information is NOT getting out to the public.
I also object to OHSU having access to personal data from DMV and sending out letters to individuals who "fit into their profile" studies and asking for them to volunteer to be test subjects. Again - absolutely no problem with OHSU conducting studies on humans - much better humans than animals - my objection is how they gather their info and the lack of informing the public of their intent.
You say this particular study isn't invasive - that is not the point. The point is - we are having our rights to be informed taken away along with our right to make informed decisions. No study is without risk - just ask the billions of animals who die in research labs while vivisectors stand by and do nothing.

ok i understand 22.May.2012 10:29


Thanks for clearing that up.

I think OHSU does some disgusting work, lets be clear. I also think there are other wings to the organization who are good health providers. And I think, in this case, they are making a good faith effort to reach as many people as possible. I also think the research, in this case, is entirely beneficial and they seem very up-front about it on the website.

Is it perfect? Absolutely not. And in a study where consent can't be given, I think they should be more thorough in how they inform people who may be subject to the study. If you live close enough to OHSU and you hadn't heard about the study, then obviously they are not doing enough.

Anyway, thanks for quoting their policy for me. It would be interesting to see how the other participating hospitals are getting the word out, and to see if they are more effective at outreach than OHSU.

And while on the subject of OHSU ...... 22.May.2012 20:06


Rex - you are much too kind and tolerant of OHSU and their cohorts. Does the name Peter J. Francis ring a bell with you? He "had been a rising star at OHSU." That is until he was pinched for lying about the results of the research/experiments he conducted but never completed while employed by OHSU as an Associated Professor at the Casey Eye Institute. "In two applications for funding from the National Institutes of Health, Francis claimed to have used monkey embryonic stem cells to achieve enhanced photoreceptor preservation with no adverse effects in the eyes of a strain of rats that develops retinal degeneration." I can only hope he was also lying about his use of both primates and rats.
In 2008 he and others acquired a grant amounting to $4.75 million to go forward with this bogus research on his part. Where do you think that $4.75 million came from?
OHSU is not the pristine facility which sits high up on the hill that everyone wants to believe it is. It has many dark and disturbing dirty little secrets. Yes - it has helped many but it has also damaged many. And let us not forget the animals who live their lives in cages - isolation - pain and fear while they await the vivesectors to conduct even more of their bogus tax supported experiments on them.

is cappie op? 29.May.2012 17:30


"Rex - you are much too kind and tolerant of OHSU and their cohorts. "

"cohorts"? why is it conspiracy spammers all sounds alike?

That’s it… be the “mouthpiece” for the Medical Healthcare Industry. 30.May.2012 20:40

aiding and abetting_ "bets"

They are, after all, so reputable, honorable, and conscientious ALWAYS.

They are not in the least prone to deceit, or disreputable acts under the guise of being "caring" and "compassionate" towards the health of ALL PATIENTS. Not just those who are lucky enough to have a good insurance plan or enough money to ensure that they can maintain their health and well-being. $$$$$

my comment 31.May.2012 16:52

authored by me

aiding and abetting