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Earth First! roadshow 2012: A Culture of Resistance

To promote the upcoming Earth First! (bio)regional rendezvous, some Earth First!ers are touring Cascadia to spread the seeds of ecological resistance.
Ecological resistance is in the air this summer in Cascadia, and to spread the word, some Earth First!ers are hitting the road. To promote this summers (bio)regional rendezvous, set for june 20-25, the tour starts in the far north of Cascadia then heads down south.In solidarity with the Winnemem Wintu tribe, we'll be headed down south to Shasta Lake, colonized California where the Winnemem Wintu tribe has put out a call to action to directly confront the forest service in preserving their traditional Coming of Age Ceremony.
Earth First!ers coming to a town near you;

Earth First!- Creating a Culture of Resistance tour 2012:

Bellingham May 20- The Old Foundry 3pm

Port Townsend May 21- Recreation Center 6-8pm

Seattle May 22- The Wild Cat 7-9:30 pm

Olympia May 23 - Media training at Media Island (1 pm) Presentation at Last Word Books 5 pm

___________ Shasta Lake May 24-27___________

Astoria May 30-TBA

Eugene June 1-2- June 1st The Lorax Manor 5 pm The Survival Center, UofO noon



then back with our comrades to prepare for the rondy!

From the city to the woods--for the wild,

some anarchist earth first!ers xoxox

for more information on the rondy and to contact the roadshow crew visit www.cascadia2012.com

for more information on the Winnemem Wintu tribe and how to plug in to their call to action, visit:

 link to www.winnememwintu.us

homepage: homepage: http://www.cascadia2012.com