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FBI AS mafia

See the evidence of the emerging fbi as MAFIA in modern times.
In the early years of the fbi Hoover discovered that his agents were generally not quite capable (for a number of reasons) to deal with the murderers and psychopaths of organized crime (MAFIA) in the United States; so, Hoover and his associates set out to correct this inadequacy in a calculated and systematic manner: his agents when deemed appropriate would (by training and mind programming) become themselves homicidal sociopaths. Hoover discovered that he could train or recruit the kind of hard core thugs needed for the job; however, the backlash of such programming would be the downfall of the constitutional government of the United States of America. Here is an overview of the consequences of the Hoover reign:

This picture represents the real fbi which uses the methods and incorporates the values of the notorious Mafia.


The fbi parades Mafia murderers around the fbi academy for the education of their agents, police, etc. The Mafia serial killers (hit men) are homicidal sociopaths and are often in the witness protection program; the fbi learns from them how the mafia uses violent, deadly and inhumane practices against Targets.

In order to understand the emergence of the fbiMAFIA phenomenon one may consider the following:


May one list a few characteristics that the members of the fbi clan share in common with the MAFIA (organized crime)?

fbi & MAFIA Must:

remain loyal to group and its values.


use violence:






engage in widespread criminal activity:


hysterically seek limelight:


demonstrate 'no fear' and that they are the meanest & toughest in the world:


take decisive action against anyone who breaks ranks:


In summary,
no more heinous cowards have been hatched and nourished by the USA than the clandestine assassins of the fbi and cia.

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