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Video: Portland May Day 2012 Community March

This is video of the nationally recognized Portland May Day march. I covered this with an independent lens as Indymedia. Estimates of attendance were between 7-10,000 people.

Report: What a big day of action for laborers, Unions, and community members! I followed the march throughout the day and into the night filming and documenting the May Day that never ended. Protesters moved slowly as they made their way from the south park blocks to the streets and spent some time at several locations such as "Wells Fargo" and the justice center. Everything went generally peaceful and marchers arrived back at the park for what was supposed to be a dance party but ended up on the move once again to stand in solidarity with immigrants who were under voluntary arrest. Video of this will be soon to follow.


May Day 2012 Community March In Portland Oregon

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Video: May Day March 2012 [ full video ] 17.May.2012 08:54

Joe Anybody

>>  http://archive.org/details/MayDayMarch2012-PortlandOregon-FullPermittedMarch

>> (2 hour video)

>> this is the permitted May Day march in Portland Oregon filmed by joe anybody

>> complete march is posted and downloadable on Achive.org