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Video: Unpermitted March - mAy dAy !!!! 2012

Video of the unpermitted march in Portland Oregon on May Day 2012
Un-permitted = police have right to use violence [under flag of public safety]
May Day !!!! May Day !!!! 2012

(video 58 minutes)

Unpermitted mAy dAy march in Portland Oregon
Protesters met with police violence
Some footage is from (Livestream / Ustream) (thanks)

homepage: homepage: http://www.joeanybody.com

Video: download 16.May.2012 09:40

Joe Anybody

Now you can download the mAy dAy!!! 2012 protest-march video using the link I put on Archive.org

The "unpermitted march" is now posted on Archive here:

 link to archive.org

I am also providing a Tiny Link to that archive.org post below: <the link is made much shorter>


Video: Unpermitted smoke 28.May.2012 20:02



Unpermitted smoke at (in) the may day march 2012

Some reports are that the police were seen tossing smoke bombs?