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Video: M12PDX R/evolution Bike Swarm & Potluck In The Park Street-News Report

A day of solidarity/celebration with the #M12 Global Day of Action. This event met in Colonel Summers Park in southeast Portland and a surprising group of people showed out. Bike swarmers hit the streets for a two hour solidarity ride as others joined in the festivities attending the potluck.
Photo: Indymedia Press
Photo: Indymedia Press

StreetNews Report:

Saturday was the hottest day of the year, and Colonel Summers Park was crawling with people looking to enjoy the nice sunny weather. A good number of these people were attending the May 12th M12PDX R/Evolution Bike Swarm and Potluck celebration. As I came upon the pavillion I saw many familiar faces gathered around tables full of local, passionately made food for the soul and many bicycles!

This day of R/Evolution was inspired by spanish indignados who are now in a three-day action and gathered in solidarity by the thousands. Daily they will be protesting in the streets to bring change to not only their government, but social reform and economic justice. This summer more and more people will be awakening and those who are awake will be more active than ever. Is it so that an activist is defined simply as an active person? It's more logical to assume that it means a "politically active" person. Either way I see revolutionary actions daily now and even though their tired feet hurt at the end of the day, activists will still slways make a stand for their comrads. Heres to the bicyclists who ride the perimeter when the times get tough, the marcher whose sign is becoming heavy upon their shoulder, the ones that take the brunt, and the videoista who is on the front lines documenting the movement.

We are part of something bigger than ouselves, possibly the dawning of a new society where everyone is and feels like they are an influence and voice in the collective order.


M12PDX R/Evolution Bike Swarm & Potluck In The Park

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