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Writing Contest about all things employment and work

Work Magazine's annual writing contest seeks new writing that explores the topic of work:  http://workmagazinearchives.wordpress.com/employee-of-the-year-contest/
WORK Literary Magazine is happy to announce our annual workforce motivational agenda / writing contest.

Benefits and promotions include:
* publication!
* cash prizes!
* limited edition WORK team t-shirt!
* title of "Employee of the Year"!

Three categories to submit to are essay, memoir / interview, and fiction.
You may win in any of the three categories.
Winners of each category will be awarded $50.
Editors will rank the category winners and one will be chosen as Employee of the Year (grand prize), winning an additional $50 for a total of $100.

Rules:  http://workmagazinearchives.wordpress.com/employee-of-the-year-contest/

Employee of the Year Contest begins TODAY.

Deadline for Essay submissions: April 30, 2012
Deadline for Interview or Memoir submissions: May 18, 2012 EXTENDED to May 28th, 2012!
Deadline for Fiction submissions: June 1, 2012

Employee of the Year, grand prize winner, will be announced: June 11, 2012

**All submissions must be in the theme of work. Submissions must be in Word (.doc), formatted with Times New Roman, 12 point font, single space. Email submissions with subject heading "[specific category] Contest Submission" to workzine [at] gmail (example: Memoir Contest Submission).
Please submit only your best work. Include jpeg photographs, artworks, or illustrations if doing so enhances or supplements your piece. A $10 submission fee will apply to all contest participants.

WORK's category expectations are as follows:

Essay is a discussion or examination of a particular topic or theme, not necessarily related to the author.
Memoir is a narrative based on a person's experience.
Interview is an indepth discussion with, in this context, someone who holds or formerly held an interesting, unusual or otherwise important occupation, that in the process of discussion reveals more about the occupation and/or the person than could be ascertained without the interview.
Fiction is a rendering of imagined happenings which, through implementation of craft, appears to be true.

homepage: homepage: http://workmagazine.wordpress.com