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Roberto, Joe and the Oregon Progressive Party

President Obama coming out to call for equality of relationships when answering the question, should gays be allowed to marry was wonderful. The answer for me has always been yes, to see him join the 21st century is great; but let's not forget his short comings, he still thinks he can murder people anywhere in the world at his will. So, forgive me if I wait to celebrate his conversion to equality. I don't know what the lunatics will now say about him, but I will defend this position, because it is the correct position. When religious leaders try to say their god says this or that---look at them with a cautious eye, most of the time they lie. The more interesting thing that is going on, occupy is on the move again. They are looking at budgets and school funding, they are demanding people be allowed to return to their homes, they are challenging the status quo on every level and still want to do it their way. I say us old fogies who have fought the good fight for many years should get the hell out of the way and let the young learn and lead. I still fear that organizations will try, (and many have tried) to direct or overshadow the Occupation Movement. I have great respect for our big thinkers who have taken a step back and not criticized the people who are doing the good work, but stay near to help and support the new movement. Even the politicians are using words like equality, sharing, coming together; it is good.

We, who are in the streets should stay, there seems to be help on the way. I like the idea that over 20 people have signed up to run for mayor of Portland, many are young and will be our leaders in the future, their ideas are wonderful and we should have listened to all of them. I do get irritated with entrenched organizations who exclude candidates on the basis of how much money the candidates raised; seems too calculated for me. We should make arrangements to hear all the candidates on an equal basis; there is that word equal again. I was very disappointed with the City Club, League of Women Voters and The Urban League, they along with others took the easy way out of setting up for debates, just the major candidates please on our stage--very short sighted. Even my Progressive and the Greens had some short comings, but we might do better in the general election--maybe!

On 5-16-2012 we will appear again in front of the City Council to present an argument concerning the use of Police Horses during demonstrations. We wish to have our wonderful horses retired to a good life working with children or maybe helping our veterans readjust from killing people in far off lands. The use of the horses by the cops during demonstrations has endangered our protesters and the horses. This will be a long fight but the cost of keeping the horses on board may be the very thing that cause them to be retired.
I just like this photo
I just like this photo
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