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Anti-police demos

would anybody be interested in having weekly or every other week demos against police violence and brutality?
I was just curious if there was an interest in setting up a frequent meetup to protest the police and their violence? There was a demo planned for the third, in opposition to the show of force the police exercised against the un-permitted march on May day. It never happened in the chaos of Pax being raided and locked up, but I'm sure those feelings towards police are still out there. I was inspired by Oakland's weekly protests against police that went on through the winter, and still intermittently. It would be super cool to see something like that in Oakland. Or at the very least we should have the one that is still "on hold" against the brutality of May Day. As many of you know, police violence goes way beyond protests, and it's a much more lethal problem affecting communities in every city around the country and globe. The reason violence at protests seems so shocking, is that people of privilege(including myself) see the violence exacted on the houseless and populations of color that happens daily. I for one am sick of not seeing a tangible/constant presence of opposition to the police and their violence.

Let's do it. 13.May.2012 00:49


Yes! Contact info?

x 13.May.2012 09:28


If you plan it, they were come. Pick a day, make a flyer, post it here and around town.