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Eco Crowd-Resourcing Website Comes to Portland

Former Oregonian moves to NYC, starts environmental crowdfunding website, ioby.org, comes back to Portland to take it national.
Hi Portland!

I'm one of the co-founders of ioby, a new nonprofit website designed for civic and environmental leaders doing urban environmental projects. ioby (rhymes with Nairobi) stands for 'in our backyards' -- it's like the opposite of NIMBY. Get it? Our mission is to encourage positive, community-driven, neighbor-funded environmental change in urban areas.

People with great ideas for change in their neighborhood can post them on ioby, raise tax deductible donations, find volunteers and share ideas. It's more than just crowdfunding (we call it crowd-resourcing) because we know great ideas need more than just money.

For the last two years, ioby operated as a NYC pilot and now we're national and we already have two awesome projects in Oregon. The first is called Bringing People Together to Save Endangered Salmon and it's purpose is to convene a forum for scientists and the people affected by salmon runs. Totally awesome, right? The other is a new film called the Flood Way about floods, focused on the Willamette. They're fundraising now, so if you like what they're doing, drop them a donation.

Wanna know more about ioby? Watch this video, check out ioby.org or read these article about us in Fast Company and Treehugger.

If you have an idea for environmental change in your neighborhood -- like teaching a 6th grade class about healthy eating, starting a community garden, organizing a bike event, chairbombing downtown, depaving, starting a farmers' market in an underserved neighborhood, starting a public arts project about climate change, anything -- you can raise money for it on ioby. You just have to meet our criteria, and you're good to go. Get started at ioby.org/idea.

Need more inspiration? Watch this video on How to Raise Urban Chickens.

homepage: homepage: http://ioby.org
phone: phone: 917-464-4515
address: address: 41 East 11th Street, NY NY 10003

Salmon and the Sea Lions 27.May.2012 09:07


Those who want to protect salmon--where do u stand? on the position of the STATES HAVING the authority to kill sea lions on the Columbia river?
And if you want to protect salmon why do you show one out of water looking like it was caught?- Are your motives to protect the salmon for sport fishermen? Or is your aim to protect salmon from over fishing and gill nets--there is a big difference---Because human predation of salmon is out of control. I would like to know how far your love for salmon goes and what kind of protection are you proposing- Or is this just another industry ploy-- to collect funds to further destroy Eco-systems and allow humans to deny native wild life the right to sustenance--so fishermen CAN KILL SALMON indiscriminately for sport?