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Video: May Day - cops pushing - unpermitted march 2012

the cops lurking on a corner, wait for march to come by then .. then they step into street and start knocking people down
Public Safety
Public Safety
(video 3 min)

Portland Police push protesters to the cement and then make arrests

Video shows cops waiting on corner (top left) for march to arrive
They step into the street and start pushing people down
It was a violent attack - uncalled for - unnecessary - unprovoked

This is not policing
This is abusing citizens,
This is creating dangerous violent conditions.
It not safe, not needed, nor justified
This is not what public safety is about
This is police abuse
This is armed thugs attacking may day marchers

This is / was just one (1) of the multiple instances of police using force "unnecessary on may day citizen protesters"

video - related 08.May.2012 07:54


2 minute video clip -->  http://youtu.be/wZTQw6waxaQ

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