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Biowar vs. Occupy? update

Investigation continuing. Background:  link to www.salon.com --and see previous post for other links.
I have now interviewed several persons about the mysterious flu-like bacterial illness that struck Portland Occupy members during and after last year's Occupation downtown.

Person A1 has had flu-like symptoms, including severe headache, fever and worsened asthma, which continue today as productive coughing. Treated as outpatient for severe asthma. Remembers spraying incident at eviction protest.

Person A2 had severe fever, joint pain, and was hospitalized for pneumonia, treated for bacterial infection (unidentified), and is now "mostly okay."

Person C1 had severe fever, severe headache, joint pain, eye occlusion, and weakness, and is now healthy. Comment: "I never get sick. I never get flu."

Person D1 became ill in October and was ill for a month, got better "as in not dying." Severe fever, eye occlusion, severe headache, joint pain. Took zithromycin with good results but not cured.

Person K1 had similar symptoms and in the same time frame as D1.

Person K2 confirms tale of "person spraying unknown substance" during eviction protest; this information came unprompted, was related to her by a police-employed relative.

Person P1 had recurring flu-like symptoms.

Person S1 "... was really sick too, he was in hospital a couple of times" (unconfirmed, 2nd hand)

Person T1 was hospitalized for an unknown bacterial infection which resulted in fever, fainting, and the loss of intestinal lining.

Person T2 was treated in ER for bacterial sepsis, after fever, severe headache, weakness, a skin ulceration, eye occlusion, and productive coughing. Remembers slight White woman spraying with a hand-held spray bottle at eviction protest.

I want to thank these persons for responding. I still need a great deal more data. I must work full-time and I am dealing with my own health problems; but I have enough information here, I think, to call for a broader investigation. I have had my blood taken for a tularemia acute agglutination test, but the test results have been delayed without explanation.

I want to know why persons in Occupy became ill with this bacterial disease, which so closely resembles reported symptoms of aerosol-delivered tularemia biowarfare agent: eye occlusion, severe headache, joint pain, responds to antibiotics but is uncured unless treated with streptomycin or ciprofloxacin.

Again, I ask for responses here relating your experience, anonymous if you prefer, with as much detail as possible. When I posted the first article last month, I commented to my partner that if I were anywhere close to the mark, I would immediately see comments derisively spinning readers away from taking the investigation seriously. I hope that no one was deceived.


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Jody Paulson

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