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so what happened

What happened to the anti-police brutality march?
On the third I was alerted to an anti-police brutality(anti-police) demo in response to the fascism on May day. That same day comrade Pax was arrested by pigs so understandably the demo was postponed( I don't actually know if this was the reason it was postponed). Aren't we still upset about the ridiculous use of force by the tool bags on may day, and then the absurd amount of charges Pax got for merely breaking a couple windows(which we don't know if he even was apart of)? I hope to see something come together soon, whoever was interested let's make a date and do it. Fuck the pigs and their laws.

Because the vanguard said so 07.May.2012 08:38


The folks organizing it were dissuaded by the central committee. The short notice didn't leave enough time for the protest managers to get their hands on it.