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Free Pax

Solidarity needed! Pigs storm anarchist house - stealing phones, computers, and personal items. 72 felony charges brought against a well-known comrade...

From Anarchist News: Police raided (Pax) Byran Michael Wiedeman's house and arrested him, detained his housemates, took their computers and cell phones and interrogated them. He has been given trumped up charges. This is a classic tactic by the police to intimidate activists and anyone who resists them. We cannot sit by while our friends are in jail and being targeted by a repressive institution. This is when people need solidarity the most so please come out to his court tomorrow! Show him, the courts, the judges and the cops that he does not stand alone!

When: 2:00PM Friday May 4th
Court Room #3 inside the (in)Justice center
(1120 Southwest 3rd Avenue, PDX)

This is where community really matters ~ Support PAX!!!

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