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Free Pax

Solidarity needed! Pigs storm anarchist house - stealing phones, computers, and personal items. 72 felony charges brought against a well-known comrade.
First hearing is tomorrow at 2pm. Courtroom #3 at the (in)Justice Center.

From the Portland Pig Department:

Today, Thursday May 3, 2012, the Portland Police Bureau arrested 25-year-old Byran Michael Wiedeman on seventy-two counts of criminal mischief related to an investigation into multiple bank and ATM vandalisms in Portland.

Officers served a search warrant today at 6104 North Mississippi Avenue, where Wiedeman and 4 others were squatting. Wiedeman was arrested while 4 others at the residence were detained and released at the scene.

This investigation stretches nearly two years and involves vandalisms at the Hollywood Key Bank branch and the U.S. Bank branch in Southeast Portland on February 29, 2012; as well as vandalism at the Portland Community College Cascade Campus in July 2010.

The investigation at this point is continuing and detectives will continue to analyze computers and phone seized during the search warrant as well as bank surveillance video collected during this investigation. Additional arrests are possible as the investigation continues.

Wiedeman was charged with thirty-six counts of Conspiracy to Commit Criminal Mischief in the First Degree and thirty-six counts of Criminal Mischief in the First Degree.

Bail is set at $360,000. A Multnomah County Grand Jury will hear the charges against Wiedeman in the next week.

update!! 04.May.2012 22:26


All but 8 of Pax's charges have been dropped! Bail has been lowered to $40,000! Keep your eye out over the next few days for information on how to donate money and support in other ways.

Awesome 05.May.2012 15:12


Hoping the rest will be thrown out.

Yaaaa! 05.May.2012 19:41


Let us know when he gets out.

Pax is free! 06.May.2012 06:42


Bond was raised and he's out. Please continue to look for ways to support. He's still facing 8 felony charges.



link to support site! 06.May.2012 12:46


. 10.May.2012 18:56


pigs are very intelligent, adorable creatures. cops are disgusting murderous scum. there is a big difference. please stop insulting our friends and remember who the real enemy is. ftp. not the cute little piggies.