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May Day 2012 Portland police violence video

This was taken at the May Day mobile dance party, yes, that is hair pulling and punching you are seeing
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anok 02.May.2012 04:55


Nothing lower than a cop...well, somewhere between a child molestor and that guy married to the woman down the street who keeps bruising herself by "falling down," you know how clumsy she is, you know they're "just doing their jobs."

More footage of police attacking people 02.May.2012 22:18


Free Speech 03.May.2012 09:52


I am all for you to be able to protest but when the Police ask you to get out of the street and you don't what are they suppose to do it? Just allow you to break the law. Its obvious to me you just want to spark a confrontation with the Police so you can scream police brutality when they either pepper spray you, push you back on the sidewalk or arrest you. Will this behavior leading to lasting change in this country, not really. You want to get the general public on your side and this tactic won't. They just see you as a bunch of knuckleheads having nothing better to do and I am not really sure you care anyway.

i care 03.May.2012 12:01


its not ok to use violence on people for walking in the street, period. doesnt matter what the individuals reason for walking or dancing is, also many attacked, were on the sidewalk.

Fuck the police 03.May.2012 23:27


Its only obvious to you, blll, because you don't really think about anything. Its people like you who will welcome and lead us to slaughter. Fuck the cops, fuck laws that don't amount anything and fuck complicit spineless cop lovers like you.

Hey "blll"..... 04.May.2012 19:38


Just a "heads up"— —
___{—0—}___ and "out of the sand".
When people are f*cking starving and forced to live on the streets... believe me... they CARE.


You are truly clueless to what people are forced to deal with at this time in this so-called "War Economy" that started based on LIES, LIES, and more LIES. Ever heard of the word--- BAMBOOZLED? The entire corporatized "system" is based on fraud, deceit, greed, (s)Election distraction and the ILLUSION of "Democracy". In case you didn't know it you're not in Kansas anymore. Take a look behind the (s)Election curtain and Wake the f*ck up.

I suppose you still believe "voting" is how true "Democracy" happens? Are you not aware that elections are completely "bought and paid for" by CORPORATIONS??? That is called the economic system of CORPORATISM---> which is another word for FASCISM (look it up if you don't believe). The system is entirely "rigged" for the benefit of the rich $$$$$. It is ALL ABOUT MONEY $$$... 'POWER & CONTROL'. It's hard to believe people like you are still sooo clueless to the reality of things.

People are angry because THE SYSTEM KILLS--- on many different fronts and levels. Use some critical and independent thought and attempt to see things for what they are... stop being SELFISH for once in your life and try to see things from the perspective of those who are suffering the most. Those whose lifes are closest to the edge of insecurity are the first to be pushed over the edge into the abyss of poverty and have the very REAL potential to ultimately end up dying on the streets. That is the way the system is set up (nice huh?!). It was the "plan/agenda" all along. If it where you in this situation you would be doing exactly the same thing... fighting for your very existence. Using your voice as your weapon/|\tool of choice and protesting/dissenting and doing whatever else must be done to finally GET PEOPLE TO LISTEN AND UNDERSTAND THE DIRENESS OF THE SITUATION AT HAND. People are only demanding liberation from a system that is set up to "sacrifice them" in order to prop up/support and attempt to "sustain" a dying system known as DISASTER CAPITALISM that is fueled and feeds off of the most vulnerable people struggling to exist within this sham "system" that is completely 'inhumane and unsustainable'.

Vulnerable people's lives need to be respected and defended against the 'diseased system' we are ALL enslaved by and are ALL "potential sacrifices" to be used for the agenda of FUELING IT (the military industrial complex, the prison industrial complex, the phony "war against drugs" which in actuality is just an extension of the *War against the People* so the prisons can make more money— controlling people's lives and causing them to LIVE IN FEAR)... it's all based on lies and is all for the sake of "capitalizing and making money $$$ off of other's lives" and is all used to keep people under domiNation, oppressed, exploited, and used as "disposable resources"—> all in order to fuel the system we are all enslaved by. It is a totally 'sick and twisted system' and anybody who defends it has obviously succumbed to the indoctriNation and hypnotism of the endless corporate illusion and distraction and has surrendered to the *ENDLESS LIES OF THE SYSTEM*. If you willfully "buy the lies $$$" told to you by the corporate media/corporate "reality" then you have willingly submitted to being a slave to the system that not only abuses and kills people but also— on the macro level is responsible for oppressing/exploiting/killing the planet. The "system" is TOXIC on all levels WORLDWIDE. We have ***FREEWILL***—>>>RESISTANCE is eVerything<<<. It is NATURAL for us to do so (because we are all a part of nature) and by defending and protecting ourselves against those who oppress/exploit/dominate__ we are defending and protecting the Earth. Resistance against Empire and Corporatism is natural and is essential to the well-being of Mother Earth. Think Globally—> Act Locally.

The Revolution is the Evolution of the Mind. Consciousness creates 'Reality'.

Try to make the attempt to open your eyes and mind and *See the Big-Picture*. For once in your life. Rather than "standing on the sidelines" and being a heartless jerk towards others who are being victimized and "brutalized" by the Police State and who need our support. Stop supporting the 'system of lies'... the 'system of domiNation'. Stop deluding yourself with visions of a fair and just "Democracy". It does not exist and is an 'illusion'... we all live under the control of CORPORATOCRACY. $$$

Rather than 'ridiculing and negatively judging' people who are brave enough to put themselves and their lives on the line in situations with the goal and purpose of WAKING OTHERS UP to the dangers facing US ALL... . we can all help to *BE THEIR VOICE AND DEFEND THEM* rather than making ignorant accusations and derogatory insults. I say more power to them—> and LESS POWER TO THE OPPRESSORS WHO ANSWER TO THE MILITARIZED CORPORATIZED AGGRESSIVE AND VIOLENT POLICE STATE. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. People 'march in the street' because they demand ***JUSTICE and True-Freedom*** from a system that not only is entirely fraudulent and based on lies and MURDERS PEOPLE, but is also completely >>>***illegitimate and invalid***<<<... because it is steeped in lies upon lies... at the expense and TRUE COST of innocent people's ability to live, BE LIBERATED and thrive.

You question why people are angry??? HOW DARE YOU! Do you not even care that countless innocent people are being killed (worldwide) by the system we are ALL enslaved by? Even you are enslaved by the system... although you don't seem to realize it because you probably long ago already "drank the kool-aid" and because of this believe in the TOXIC DEADLY SYSTEM of LIES which you've been indoctrinated by and which you "choose" to align yourself with. You still believe in the man-made myth that is the "system as it exists" because it was the 'blue pill dogma' which you FED upon and bought "hook, line, and sinker".
Remember... we always have FREEWILL to rethink our 'reality'.


For many people... joblessness/houselessness/homelessness is an extreme and harsh REALITY which causes complete life insecurity and despair/|\TERROR. Many people are 'Forced to Live in Fear' because of the "War Economy" imposed upon us. Life on the street is very real (and it is caused by the "system" that people are in RESISTANCE against). I believe that if it were YOU who were *forced into the situation of having to live there* you would be "singing a completely different tune". You too (would have common sense hopefully?)... and would be out dissenting & protesting in the streets defying a 'System of Lies' that kills people indiscriminately—> but mostly discriminately. "Divide & Conquer"... and Kill.

"Protest beyond the law is not a departure from democracy; it is absolutely essential to it." — Howard Zinn

Enjoy YOUR "security" in life and safety from the elements... asswad "blll".
Hopefully you too don't have to experience the *FEAR & TERROR* of houselessness/homelessness/joblessness and >>>total lack of security<<< caused directly "buy the lies" of the system $$$. The *WarSystem Machine of Lies* grinds us all up and spits us all out if we allow it to.
It's time to UNPLUG.

Also... just a "heads up" and "out of the sand" — we were ALL lied to about 9/11. You know... that whole so-called "War on Terror" thing. Truth is always the first casualty of war... and history always repeats itself unless people remain vigilant and actively pursue knowledge in order to prevent IGNORANCE and INTOLERANCE in this "corporatized reality" world based on war dogma lies, myth and illusion. Wars are created to FUEL THE GREED AND "PROFIT" DRIVEN SYSTEM that DOMINATES US ALL. —> $$$

—>>>Question the Industry of War<<<—

"During Times of Universal Deceit, Telling the Truth Becomes a Revolutionary Act." — George Orwell

Rich Man's War $$$ —> Poor Man's Blood~~~~~~<O

Rich Man's War $$$ —> Mother Earth's Blood~~~~~~<O

Social Manipulation for Global *DIVIDE & CONQUER* —>>>Endless Wars<<<. Look deeper to see the 'Big-Picture' agenda. World Peace can be cultivated through the use of our independent *Critical Thinking* skills to promote Worldwide Solidarity and Worldwide Justice.

—>>> Positive *Change Activists* Are Not Terrorists <<<—
Time to “take the red pill” & Wake Up to the Lies/SYSTEM… it’s all an *ILLUSION*
Time to “take the red pill” & Wake Up to the Lies/SYSTEM… it’s all an *ILLUSION*