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Portland Gestapo Assaults MayDay Marchers

As predicted, the ONLY acts of violence that have taken place during today's "un-permitted" march in downtown have been at the hands of the Portland Police Gestapo(PPG). Actions still unfolding at time of post.
An independent May Day march kicked off at the water front today at around 11:30. Several hundred citizens had gathered, with more to join as the march progressed. Already, the crowd had been surrounded by dozens of PPG. It did not take long for pigs to make their first arrest. Several more violent, unjust arrests would ensue through-out the duration of the march. The photos you see here were all taken during actions today. In addition, i myself witnessed the violent take-downs of several marchers. non-violent citizens were tossed to the pavement, sidewalk, and pounced upon by several pigs at a time, just b/c they hadn't moved out of the PUBLIC street quite urgently enough. Several bikes were stolen by cops. And all manner of gestapo deployment was used: patrol cars, bikes, motorcycles, horseback, and helicopters. Also, riot-control and Homeland security were present, as were several NARCS within the march itself.

Many people there were video-taping and had cameras. So others ought to have far better footage than I.