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Just in time for the May 1st general strike, Oakland Police have been "retrained"

Chief of Police Howard Jordan, however, has suggested that he may use Tango Teams, or specially skilled units, to 'snatch and grab' specific 'troublemakers' out of the crowd, to preemptively neutralize the crowd's assumed inevitable lack of control. This, rather than deploying chemical and less then lethal rounds with a lack of discretion that could easily turn lethal.

OPD has said words that imply that they have learned -- or are learning -- from recent embarrassments. However, what they have done -- and are likely intending to do -- is to give teams of Officers known to be the most violent the delicate responsibility of controlling Oakland activists. So the question is by which should they be measured -- the forward looking empty promises? the unfair, unbalanced, media-abetted damage-control? or the tally of the beaten, mistreated, framed, and unjustly deprived of their freedom?