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The Sound of Resistance Vol 1

21 tracks of resistance music for free!
For Immediate Release:

The Art of Dismantling releases a free 21 track free compilation of politically driven music.
'The Sound of Resistance Vol. 1' by Various releases on May Day 2012 (5/1/12)

'The Sound of Resistance Vol. 1' is a compilation of resistance music, capturing the musical
spirit of social and environmental struggles. The album features songs from a powerful
collection of artists, including The Art of Dismantling's own Resident Anti-Hero, Remember Me
Feral, and Etheric Double Soundsystem; as well as established artists such as Danbert Nobacon
(Chumbawamba), Dr Israel (ROIR), Taina Asili, and many more! Exploring multiple genres, from
folk, to metal, to punk, to hip-hop, to soul, to reggae, and beyond, 'The Sound of Resistance
Vol. 1' includes something for everyone with an interest in change, from progressive to radical,
from reform to revolution.

Releasing on May Day 2012 (5/1/12), the album is free for all and should be shared far and
wide. The release will be digital only and will be available here:


Bump these tunes on the streets, love and solidarity - The Art of Dismantling

Label/Press Contact:
Chris Richards
1121 N Loring St Suite 112
Portland OR 97227
Autonomous Music / The Art of Dismantling