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Alternatives to Money

I think this is a really important topic. Could we get some discussion on this?
I've had quite a few epiphanies over the last few years and a couple of them have to do with money. One is when I watched this bit from "They Live" where Nada takes out a dollar bill, puts on his "magic sunglasses" (which, in the movie, allow the wearer to see past disguised creatures and messages) and it says, "THIS IS YOUR GOD." [  http://youtu.be/7Lwlx3GnLGs ] Another was when I saw a stencil on the sidewalk that said something like, "Who will you be when money ends?"

I believe we will see a massive overhaul in our economic system in the very near future. The current system is simply unsustainable. But what will that be? Is it up to us? Can we truly put such a system into place now to save us from disaster or some forced, trumped-up alternative that might further enslave us?

I'm truly interested to know what others who follow Portland Indymedia think. I know there are some very educated and knowledgeable people on this subject. I think this is one of the most pertinent questions we can ask ourselves at this juncture -- the sooner the better: "What are some alternatives to our old way of using money?"

Intersting Link 30.Apr.2012 18:16