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The Secret Service- A History of Whoremongering, Risk-Taking and Drunkeness

Columbian Orgy Nothing New
In Seymour Hersh's definitive expose' of the Kennedy White House, "The Dark Side of Camelot", he illustrates the continuing parade of prostitutes, airline stewardesses, strippers and actresses that graced the hotels and boudoirs frequented by JFK and his entourage. The Secret Service detail later claimed to be aghast at all the obvious shenanigans and breaches of security, but the party went on for years. Kennedy's top aide, Dave Powers, was the Top Pimp, sneaking willing groupies past agents who knew a whole lot better. JFK was making it with the likes of Mafia molls as well as an East German spy! The FBI set him up with America's #1 sex goddess, Marilyn Monroe, and then proceeded to bug every room in her house. J. Edgar Hoover had quite a collection of wiretapped JFK 'love tapes to snicker over in his spare time. And of course we cannot forget the strange behavior of the Service the evening of November 21st, 1963. They were getting drunk until 2am at Dallas bars (including Jack Ruby's!) and when the bullets rang out the following morning they were all hungover and exhausted and failed utterly to respond to the situation until it was way too late. They didn't even ride on the back of the President's limousine as required. Look at the Zapruder film and you'll see the handrails on the limo are devoid of any agents. Against ALL PROTOCOL. And of course we had Bill Clinton, who even as the Governor of Arkansas had the reputation as a womanizing lecher who racked up steady conquests as a matter of pride. From Paula Jones to Gennifer Flowers to Monica Lewinsky, Clinton's final legacy will always be colored by his insatiable sexual risk taking not to mention his seeming inability to tell the truth even when cornered. And who permitted Lewinsky to enter the Presidential quarters and be alone with the leader of the free world? Why the Secret Service, that's who. Did they think she was the new masseuse? And Obama? Well, the 'best friend' he always stays with in Hawaii was arrested last year for soliciting a transvestite prostitute on the Waikiki strip. This pal of his owns almost every major nightclub in Honolulu. And Columbia? They booked 21 hookers one DAY before Obama's arrival. They also rented a huge ballroom in the hotel they were at. The same hotel Obama was supposed stay in. Sounds like someone was putting a huge shindig together. Are we supposed to believe it was a private party for the Service and the Pentagon aides who accompanied them? The entire affair was so wide open it boggles the mind. And being in Columbia of all places- the hottest narco-empire on the planet, a nation at continual WAR with the USA over drugs. A nation exploited to the ultimate, where civil wars rage and death squads roam the rural night. THIS is where they choose to exploit women forced into the oldest "profession"? It's not like they're free agents, these sex slaves of the Cartagena streets. Those Secret Service guys had to deal with their pimps to get the services. Imagine that! People assigned the most sensitive security jobs in the country out on the streets making sleazy sex deals with coked-out Mac-Daddy's. The MSM tries to shrug this all off as "boys will be boys" but it really goes much deeper. MUCH DEEPER. Like a SEWER. Oh, and did I mention that the Secret Service is under the sole authority of Janet Napolitano and the Dept. of Homeland Security? The same people who strip granny and grope little kids at the airport in their quest to find weapons. You can't bring your nail file onboard but Obama's Praetorian Guard can bring dozens of hookers (with cartel connections no doubt) into the inner sanctum. And the Republicans? They're just the same but have covered up their dalliances much more effectively. After all, they pretty much own all the MSM anyway.