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Occupation Nation

Our new political remix film about the events of phase 1 of Occupy, along with some of the historical and philosophical roots of the movement.

An hour-long episode of remixed shorts that explore the philosophical roots of the recent movement of the 99%. As zombies threaten to consume all that's left of our spectacular society, B Media's fifth video variety show showcases the mycelia network of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Deeply rooted in historical and international precedents that have the potential to turn toxic assets and discarded derivatives into new communities where shared vision and collective decision making empowers us all, the film calls on our collective conscience to remember the Oaxacan teacher strikes and the Bonus Army, and it explores this new technological globalrevolution by riffing on the work of video ninjas everywhere.

Darryl Mitchell and David Graeber's dialectics break down the bricks of Wall Street, PeeWee Herman interviews Ema Goldman about the black bloc, Mr. Bean gets peppersprayed, and Obama is mic-checked in his Disney World as the police protect the smart ALEC's running the show. Special halftime appearance by Clint Eastwood, and Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction.

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