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VIDEO: A17 "Bake Sale" at City Hall - Delegations enter council members' offices

An action organized by Portland Jobs With Justice, Union leaders, and city workers as an attempt to sell cupcakes to raise money for the citys coming budget cuts which are in the millions. Unsold cakes/cupcakes were offered to city officials for a pledge to cover the amount of these cuts.
Photo: Indymedia Press
Photo: Indymedia Press

A mock fundraiser organized by Portland Jobs With Justice, Union leaders/members, and city workers. Cupcakes were sold for $2 to the attendees to help raise money to cover the city's budget shortfall in the millions which is threatening to cut public service programs. Delegations of five people went in to City Hall with press and cameras and upstairs into council members' offices. Members of the group gave their statements to staff along with remaining cakes for council members to buy at prices representing the amount of the cuts. Surprisingly, None of them were in their offices and the chief of police (Mike Reese) was in the building.

Joe Anybody and I were present through this day of actions, and this being the second, it proved to be one of the best. Good speeches were made by community activists, citizens, Union members, and city workers who are being faced with cuts that could leave them jobless. As only $50 worth of cupcakes were sold, the remainder were ushered into City Hall by groups of five delegates and they faced some opposition by staff as the final groups gained entry. However, we covered this from two camera angles so Joe maintained documentation of all delegates upstairs while I covered the interactions between organizers and City Hall staff below at the gate.

Video Link:

A17 City Hall Budget Cuts Bake Sale 4-17-12

Filmed & reported by Joe Anybody & Mobile T

Mobile T

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