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REPORT BACK: Windows smashed at rapist-owned tattoo shop.

In the early hours of April 23rd, 2012, we paid a visit to The Little Tattoo Shoppe owned by Matthew Mattison. Matthew was recently outed as a rapist and a sexual predator. (Link below) After painting "Rapist get out of town" on the front door, we smashed every window we could.

These are our demands:
1. We want you to seek professional help and attempt to make reparations for the things you've done.
2. We want you to stop tattooing while you go through this process because that is the tool you used in order to trap and abuse your victims.
3. We want you to issue a public statement documenting the progress you've made to repair the damage you've done.

This is a warning to you, Matthew, and all sexual abusers everywhere. Not everyone may believe the survivors of your abuse, but enough of US know and that's all that matters.

Failure to reach our demands will result in our return, when we do, we'll come for more than just the windows.

Link:  http://kvetchmom.wordpress.com/tag/the-little-tattoo-shoppe/ ***

***We act separately from the writer of that blog, and from the other survivors. No one called for or asked for this to happen, except Matthew. This was done in solidarity with the survivors, we don't know any of them personally and this was an autonomous action.

-Matthew Mattison Accountability Committee

photo!! 23.Apr.2012 18:17

curious comrade

I happened to be in the area and took a picture.

His confession 23.Apr.2012 20:36

fact check

To clarify for the sake of truth, (but NOT to lessen the importance!) the woman did not accuse him of "rape". It is a case of very severe sexual harassment in the very intimidating context of being alone with him in the closed shop at night. I feel that this should be taken seriously enough on it's own, without resorting to hyperbole (which implies that sexual harassment isn't a big enough deal). She explains exactly what happened in this original post:  http://kvetchmom.wordpress.com/2012/01/08/vic-tim-ize-to-make-a-victim-of/

His confession is located in the comments of that post toward the bottom. There is no denying that he did this. I have copied & pasted it here:

matthew on January 18, 2012 at 9:27 am said:

"To all that this concerns,
This is Matthew, the tattooer that Jennifer is writing about.
The last comment I wrote was out of fear and denial.
I want to address this with all of you honestly now.
Jennifer writing this blog has forced me to honestly look at myself and for that I thank her.
I've been living in denial about my behavior.
In my head I was being flirtatious with women and unfaithful to my wife.
Which is nowhere close to appropriate or acceptable.
I now see that my behavior comes across as predatory. This is heart breaking and extremely awakening for me.
I love and respect woman. Obviously I have been living a lie, a lie to myself.
I never once thought I was hurting anyone.
My behavior towards you Jennifer was wrong and I am truly sorry to have caused you grief, that was not my intention.
My question now to myself is;
Why have I been behaving this way? What is it that I think I need?
I have started going to therapy in hopes to heal this that is obviously broken in me.
I'm in the process of sharing everything with my wife.
She is the most important person in the world to me and I pray my marriage will survive this.
I know I have been wrong and I am doing everything I can to process my issues so that I can honestly do right.
Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Sincerely, Matthew"

Clarifying Questions Regarding The Goals Of This Action 24.Apr.2012 10:51


1.) The demands of this action, which occurred April 23rd, list "professional help". He says he was in therapy in his comment from January. Did he lie about going to therapy or did he quit going or did he re-offend?

2.) I'm having trouble discerning whether the goal of this action is meant as a stand-alone punitive vengeance action or as a punitive incentive to cooperate with a restorative justice accountability process currently in progress.

3.) If this is the former, can anyone involved elaborate on what has happened with the accountability process until now? How can community provide support to this process?

So for all you folks claiming it wasn't "technically rape" 24.Apr.2012 11:52


Why are you arguing that it's not "technically rape"? Because Matthew didn't use that phrasing? What his confession screams to me is that he's apologizing because he got caught, not apologizing for being a serial rapist. I saw 2 other women on the thread come forward and describe the position they were put in by Matthew and it's indisputably sexual assault, yet they don't use the word "rape" either. Are you apologists just going to bicker on the semantics of it, or are you going to recognize it for what it is? This man is a rapist, he's done this to dozens of women across Portland for who knows how long. I applaud this action, I'm glad someone's taking the initiative to push a rapist out of the community rather than just letting him duck under the radar and skate by on a technicality so he can continue doing what he does.

corporate media repost 24.Apr.2012 14:09