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Rescue an Animal, Brighten YOUR Day!

Read about a unique way to brighten your day and help deserving animals at the same time.
Believe it or not, there are kindly people in this world who conscientiously rescue earthworms who become stranded on pavement.

Once the rain stops, these little friends of the planet, who can't see, usually die a long, painful death by being sun- baked, or at the least, by thirst. Readers who might like to enjoy the good feelings which come from helping an animal in pain may be interested in this short essay on how to help these little folks:


Interestingly, a few professional animal communicators report that they have contacted earthworms, and one reports their gratitude to those who take a moment to help them get into the shade and rehydrated.

We can't change the horrific current events, but we can make life a lot brighter for some deserving little folks!

Eleanor White