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occupy the park - breaking a.m. news 4.22.12

Breaking news pimc
breaking news - April 22


Ustream: 1:30am Estimated 15 police for 30 occupiers - no one is in park


Ustream: 1:05 cops leave park


Ustream: PDX 12:55am - Occupy / police in Chapman park: Video Ustream  http://www.ustream.tv/channel/jessehadden

Livestreaming viewer 22.Apr.2012 03:11


one person was arrested

word on Ustream
was 'wrong person was arrested' for knocking small fence down in park

based on bad info givn to cops by 'anti occupy guy w/ camera'

the 'young' (occupy) person who was arrested, did not knock anything down, from what I heard, being reported on Ustream around two am