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URGENT ALERT-Louise Benally, Big Mountain Activist Needs Support!

Louise Benally, a Dine' Native, woman is a long time activist who has been fighting forced relocation of her people by Peabody Coal for more than 20 years. George Crittenden, Louise Benally's ex husband, father of their children, and friend, has been crittically injured.
Dine' Nation activist Louise Benally
Dine' Nation activist Louise Benally
Earlier this week, while attempting to stop a domestic dispute, George Crittenden was stabbed numerous times in the face and upper body. He is currently in the ICU. Louise and their daughters arrived at the hospital last night. They were told that while George is in critical condition he is expected to live. They appreciate any prayers and positive energy that might be sent their way.

As they will be staying until George is released from the hospital, another week or so, they are in need of financial help with lodging, and gas money for the trip back home.
There is a bank account set up in Louise Benally's name for donations. Please email for the account number and routing number if you are able to help.
Louise, George, and their family and friends are deeply greatful for any support.