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CPP joins Filipino women in marking International Women's Day with protests

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today expressed support and solidarity with the Filipino women in marking the 98th anniversary of International Women's Day with mass protests against oil price increases and intensifying American military intervention.
"The Filipino women, especially, the women from the ranks of the toiling masses, are suffering from increasing oppression and poverty as a result of incessant increases in the prices of petroleum products, cooking gas, food and other basic commodities, water, electricity, education, health and other essential social services" said the CPP.

"Filipino women bear the brunt of the economic crisis," added the CPP. "As mothers, they suffer from seeing their children go hungry, or go absent from school, when their children get sick and health care is inaccessible."

"Filipino women suffer under the Aquino regime's antipeople policies that give priority to foreign big capitalists and their local partners and attack the welfare of the people," said the CPP. "They suffer gravely from the attacks of the Aquino regime against the urban poor who are being uprooted by the thousands from their homes and livelihoods to give way to urban havens for big foreign capitalists."

"It is not only just, but necessary, for the Filipino women and people, to launch mass actions and other forms of collective protest against weekly oil price hikes by the foreign big oil companies," said the CPP.

"The intransingence of the Aquino regime and its refusal to heed the people's clamor to roll back oil prices and repeal the oil deregulation law should be met with maximum indignation and protests," pointed the CPP.

"Filipino women are at the same time waving high the banner of patriotism and national sovereignty in opposing plans to set up mini-Subic military facilicities for American so-called rotational troops, for the docking of American naval warships and the stationing of American surveillance drones."

"With the women's sector taking an important role in upholding Philippine national sovereignty, the US imperialists will have a difficult time in their plan to trample on the Filipino people and achieve their plan of using the Philippines as a base for hegemonic plans to lord it over the Asia-Pacific."