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Video: Tax Dodgerball - The ninty nine perscent challenge the one percent 4.17.12

April 17 2012 portland Ore.
Tax Dodgerball Video
99% against the 1%
An honest game of Dodge Ball in the park on Tax day.

This year on tax day, as we are reminded of the great inequality and injustice in our society, JWW, Occupy Labor, Portland Rising, labor unions and Activist groups all participated in this event, linking struggles for jobs and against cuts to needed public services.

From beating back the corporate tax dodgers to fighting cutbacks to public services, the 99 percent and these four unions, are standing up for the 99% by standing up for their jobs.

Tax Dodgerball was a team of suits (1%) who challenged different teams from the 99% "peoples" side. [and refs who worked for the one percent]
These teams were, [to name a few] Union workers, Postal Workers, ALEC activists, Medicare and Health activists, and others.
The one percent cheats, (of course) they had [controlled] all the nerf balls when game starts, had a shield that said loopholes (to block nerf balls)they also had a huge ball that said Foreclosure on it. These 1%-ers ganged up and pulverized the 99% in most of the games. (to the boo-s of the crowds of on-lookers)

It wasn't until "all" the 99-ers joined together on the court, to "take on the suits" (1 perscenter's) that they overwhelmed the rigged system and ended the 99% rigged game.

Dodgeball Challenge: The 1% have dodged taxes long enough!
Watch the 99% level the playing field.

(22 minutes)

Tax Dodgerball was hed in Terry Shrunk Plaza, SW Jefferson and SW 3rd Portland, Oregon on 4/17/12 at noon

Speaking of taxes and this PDX Dodgerball game: Wells Fargo Wins the MVP.
Wells Fargo hasn't paid federal income taxes in 3 years!

Side note the Homeland Security was very visibly (obviously) wanting to see the game, as well as a few portland police on bikes. All seen lingering around, double parking, circling the block as the Nerf Games of class-ism took place in "our Park" Obviously they wanted to "nose around" to make sure this dodger ball game was not an act of terrorism.

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