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pacifism the nice face of white supremacy

there's a race war in the streets of america, and chickenshit white males and privileged peace activists want to debate the use of self-defense?

what makes this truly disgusting is that many of them would turn in a comrade who practices armed self-defense, in order to preserve a system of privilege that allows THEM to dwell securely in THEIR homes. the middle class has NOT been there when cops slaughtered "colored" resisters. and the rest of us - who are not willing to subject ourselves passively to the blows and bullets, chemicals and tazers the police use on us - will not come to your rescue when you end up in one of those FEMA camps you don't believe exist.

police hunt and kill black people for sport in the u.s., knowing they'll not be held accountable for murdering unarmed black youth. police are rarely put on trial for murdering people without cause.
KILLED BY THE COPS, from Color Lines

About 9,500 people nationally were killed by police during the years 1980 to 2005-an average of nearly one fatal shooting per day (stats are only for cities of 250,000 or more).

And the failure to address unjustified shootings frankly is likely to lead both to greater community distrust of police and an increased probability that the hostile interactions that often precede the shootings will continue.

"There is a crisis of perception where African American males and females take their lives in their hands just walking out the door," said Delores Jones-Brown, interim director of the Center on Race, Crime and Justice at John Jay College in New York.

"There is a notion they will be perceived as armed and dangerous. It's clear that it's not just a local problem."

The shootings may be explained in part by implicit bias on the part of police officers, according to research by University of Chicago Assistant Professor Joshua Correll.

A second significant point: Latinos are a rising number of fatal police shooting victims.

and even more numbers, from the Advocacy Center for Equality and Democracy:

The New York Times Should Balance Its Coverage of Killings Related to Law Enforcement

here are some statistics on arrest-related deaths of civilians.

From 2003 to 2009, 4,813 people died in relation to an arrest in "all manners of deaths." Each year ranged from 627 (2003) to 745 (2007). Source - Andrea M. Burch, U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics, Arrest-Related Deaths, 2003-2009 - Statistical Tables, November 2011.
Of those, 2,913 (about 6 in 10) were reported as "homicide by law enforcement." Each year ranged from 375 (2004) to 497 (2009). See Burch.
In the only year in which the NYT article and the Bureau of Justice Statistics report overlap, 2008, law enforcement killed roughly 10 times the number of people during arrests (404) than officers killed (41). See Burch.
Since 2001, at least 500 people have been killed as a result of being tasered by officers in the United States alone.
i think the last point needs to be emphasized - police have pointed out their use of non-lethal weapons - which they often describe as "law enforcement tools" - as proof that they are taking steps to ensure the safety of all citizens, even crime suspects, but they use tazers to kill one person each week for ten years.
29 Black People Have Been Killed by Police/Security in 2012
First thing that needs to be noted is that we just had another police shooting of an unarmed man in Austin, Texas on Thursday night.. This happened after the report was compiled, so add another name to this grisly toll..

Twenty-eight Black People (27 Men and 1 Female) Killed by Police Officials, Security
Guards, and Self-Appointed "Keepers of the Peace" between January 1, 2012 and March
31, 2012

- 28 cases of state sanctioned or justified murder of Black people in the first 3
months of 2012 alone have been found (due to under reporting and discriminatory
methods of documentation, it is likely that there are more that our research has yet
to uncover)

- Of the 28 killed people,

18 were definitely unarmed.

2 probably had firearms,

8 were alleged to have non-lethal weapons.

- Of the 28 killed people,

. 11 were innocent of any illegal behavior or behavior that involved a
threat to anyone (although the shooters claimed they looked "suspicious");

. 7 were emotionally disturbed and/or displaying strange behavior.

. The remaining 10 were either engaged in illegal or potentially illegal
activity, or there was too little info to determine circumstances of their
killing. It appears that in all but two of these cases, illegal and/or harmful
behavior could have been stopped without the use of lethal force.

the question of violence has NEVER been about US! the PEOPLE!

the question is, how are WE going to respond to the violence the police, armed security assets, and any dipshit yahoo with a gun brings to US?

if we could dwell securely in our homes, in neighborhoods we grew up in, without having to worry if our next trip to the corner store would end in bloodshed or a prison cell, i'm sure we'd be peaceful people, too. this, however, is not something i have experienced.

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Colorlines!?!?!? 20.Apr.2012 15:08

somebody's watchin'

WOW! You used to trash Colorlines as a racist magazine. Miracles never cease.....