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Server Seizure (Don't Panic)

Content of a Riseup notice.
Server Seizure (Don't Panic)

On Wednesday April 18th, a server hosted in Riseup's NYC facility was
seized without warning by the US Federal authorities. Be assured, the
machine does not have any Riseup data on it. The machine that was seized
was operated by the European Counter Network ("ECN"), an Italian
technology collective with a deep history providing email, lists and web
hosting services to colleagues around the world supporting social change

To repeat: no Riseup service or user data is on this machine. No Riseup
keys or certificates are on the machine. Furthermore, the root
filesystem of this machine is encrypted.

The server was seized because it hosted an email anonymizer called
Mixmaster. By design, Mixmaster stores zero data, which the FBI is well
aware of. In a display of gross overreach, they decided to seize the
machine anyway.

For more information, please read the full press release:

The Riseup Collective

More to the story 20.Apr.2012 09:16


It's pretty rad that Risesup Collective posted this response, though, the encrypted data will be copied, decrypted, and analyzed at some point even if it takes years. There is no level of data encryption that the government cannot break, even AES256 will be cracked at the NSA's Utah data center. Forensic data analysts will probably crack it just for fun, even if there is no legal necessity to. Even if this is solely baseless harassment, it should remind all of us to be careful about communicating sensitive information online.

I have a feeling that the FBI folks thought they could get intel on May Day in NYC. There is a very good chance that someone far-removed from Information Technology put in the warrant request, without understanding how pointless this raid would be.