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VIDEO: Parkrose School District Votes Against PFA Contract, Asks For Extension 4/17/12

Early morning on 4/17, the Parkrose School District unanimously voted "No" on contract negotiations. Outrage Ensued.
Photo: Indymedia Press
Photo: Indymedia Press

StreetNews Report:

Early on the morning of 4/17, a board meeting was held at 8:45am at the Parkrose District Office concerning teacher union negotiations between the school board and the Parkrose Faculty Association (PFA). The reentered contract was given a unanimous "No" vote and the board asked for a ten day extension under overwhelming opposition. With much media coverage and a large attendance of the public, outrage ensued. A strike is "inevitable" according to organizers.

VIDEO LINK: Parkrose School District meeting on contract negotiations

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This is why all three school districts are ready to strike... 19.Apr.2012 02:18

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Here is a link to the official letter released by the Superintendant of Parkrose to the media...she blatantly lays out all of the imposed cuts and blames it on budget shortfalls:
 link to do.parkrose.k12.or.us